Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Being a make-up artist is more than a job to me. It’s my passion.

My experiences as qualified hair dresser have sparked my enthusiasm for styling. Over the years I came to the point where I could not satisfy my thirst with doing everyday-looks solely. I was bubbling over with ideas and was therefore looking for some way to express my creativity. So being a make-up artist was the perfect solution.

It combines hairstyling, fashion and most importantly professional make-up. The first class institute in Munich “pure idea” gave me not only the qualifications and skills to compete with Europe’s elite, but also the possibility to do my first shoots and participate in various film-productions.

Though I am highly ambitious, perfection is not my ultimate goal. Correctness undermines charisma and individual personalities are my inspiration. I don’t erase characters, I reinforce them. For me, it’s the amount of small details you notice just after the second glance, that makes a look complete.

Whatever I am doing, wherever I am, I always get new inspirations for my work. I love to explore new cities, to absorb the buzz and the agitation and to turn the dazzling atmosphere into a new creation. When bored in a coffeehouse, I observe people’s gestures, make up their life-stories in my imagination and analyze their look. This sensitizes me for different types and their styling. I like to rummage around at flea markets and add some soul to my favorite outfits. The people there, as well as the designs of the worn-out clothes inspire me to new creations and it happened not just once that I bought an old shirt and sewed something new of the tissue.